Lifetime Achievement VideoLifetime Achievement video made by students of Željko from the Duquesne University Tamburitzans.

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testimonial"Pittsburgh is a city of second and third generation immigrants, and for many years we were only exposed to reworked dances from the same limited ethnographic regions of Croatia. From the first moment of the first choreography that you ever did in the States, a breath of new energy was injected into our culture and you brought it to life. The results of your efforts, the nuances and refreshed details, allow it to continue to grow with each successive generation. There is no one more accomplished, more artistic, more dedicated to preserving the Croatian culture anywhere outside of Europe. It has been my honor to perform in your company for all these years." —Kata Cvetkovich (Member - Ensemble KUMOVI; General Manager - Ensemble SVADBA; Owner - Willowbrook Design)

testimonial"Thanks for all the opportunities you have given me to perform over all these years of knowing you! You are an amazing artist. Your paints are 'dance' and your palette 'the stage.' Keep up your good energy and keep creating!" —Melissa D'Andrea (Former member of Duquesne University Tamburitzans & Ensemble "Kumovi")

testimonial"Željko Jergan has done more than any other master teacher to spread the wealth and richness of Croatian dance and culture among the international folkdance community. He has a unique ability to share not only the dance but the context for the dance while inspiring us to respect the rich culture behind it and making it fun! He has taught for my dance groups, the Cafe Danssa Balkan Dancers and L.I.F.E. Balkan Dancers many times and did an amazing job at the many folkdance camps where he has taught, including the L.I.F.E. Dance and Music Camp, where he brought the Jerry Grcevic Orchestra and Skitnice to play live for his classes and gave us a whole new appreciation for Croatian music. I have organized workshop tours for him and seen him teach in many different settings, always with wonderful response. He is respected and loved by our folkdance community and has linked us to the Croatian community in many ways and is continuously sought after for workshops, camps, and festivals across the United States and around the world." —Sherry Cochran (Los Angeles balkan dance teacher and director of L.I.F.E. Dance and Music Camp)

testimonial"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your "Green George" choreography. As usual, your "work of art" gave me chills and filled my heart with pure joy!" —Michelle Worobij (Duquesne University Tamburitzans alumni member)

testimonial"Željko Jergan, with his talent and personality, has instilled in the kids of St Anthony Kolo Club "CROATIA" in Los Angeles a love and respect of their cultural heritage through dance and his choreographies. He is a Master Choreographer, who knows best how to present his work, based on the abilities of the group with whom he is working. I have seen many "so called" choreographers' work in the U.S.A. and Croatia, and nobody can come close to what Željko can create. He's masterful at maintaining the integrity and authenticity of the Croatian region he is working on, with the added ability of making his work an artistic masterpiece. I am proud to call Željko my colleague and friend." —Heidi Wohlfahrt-Granic (Ensemble director, St Anthony Kolo Club "CROATIA", Los Angeles, California)

testimonial"With Željko's guidance we transformed our kolo group into a talented performing ensemble. His knowledge of Croatian songs, dances, costuming and choreography is unparalleled." —Leo Andres (Director, Koraci Croatian Folk Ensemble, San Jose, California)